This is a FANTASTIC Reading website that is giving free access to students and families. They will continue updating the lesson plans to include 20 + days of learning! The texts should be on a 3rd – 4th grade level, and some days include fantastic videos. I believe Day 3 has a virtual field trip to the American Revolution students will love! If students do participate in these learning experiences I encourage them to journal after each day reflecting on what they did. They can send me these reflections on class dojo or through email and I will respond. I will also be posting discussion questions on Microsoft Teams, I hope to chat with students about what they learned!

This link will take you to a log in page for Myon, an online catalog of books.

School name: Yorkshire Elementary School
Students will have to finish signing in with their school emails and passwords.

Students can use this site to access leveled books and practice their reading at home. After listening to the book and/or reading the book students can practice their comprehension by taking a quiz, or writing about the book.


This link will take you to a math website where students can practice answering test like questions and use their strategies to solve.

VA Studies

Students can review units, we have learned everything up to Reconstruction! They should use their study guide in their study folders to help them check their work.

password = bulldogs

County Resources for At Home Learning