Journal- Write about your experiences at home use one of many 
Journal prompts.

Visit Storyline Online and enjoy a wonderful book read aloud by a member of
the Screen Actors Guild.

Listen to books read aloud in your home language: 
-International Children's Digital LibraryScholastic Daily Activities
Story Time from Space;or Unite for Literacy

Daily Reading Quest: Each day have your child read an article, book or chapter
then choose one of the reading challenges. They can choose a new challenge
eachday or repeat their favorite activities. New activities are posted weekly! 

Khan Academy Grammar - This site allows you to review grammar skills taught
in writing


Bedtime Math - Stories and puzzles that helps parent talk math with their kids.
Each day presents a non-fiction article, with videos and photos, followed by
related math riddles for kids ages 3-9. This includes Cabin Fever Math which
are engaging, hands-on math activities for families.

3-Act Tasks- Problem-based lessons, including engaging videos and photos, to 
foster students’ curiosity and incorporate mathematical reasoning and problem

ORIGO At Home - This provides a daily routine to reinforce math concepts and
students have already learned this year.

SPLAT!- Fun, very powerful, highly interactive number sense activities that can
be used at any
 grade level! 

GregTang Math- This site includes a wide variety of mathematics games and
resources to challenge students’ math thinking, reasoning and problem-solving 

Open Middle - Challenging math problems at all grade levels with multiple
ways to approach and ultimately solve the problem. 


National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences-KIDS-learn, play
games, and tease your brain!

Discovery Education Take a Virtual Field Trip to a place you have read or
learned about this year.

Think Centralreview science content instructed this year by subject, you
can use your office 365 login. There videos & interactive activities. - review science content instructed this year


Google Earth - Explore historical sites, geographical regions,and create on  
and Google My Maps.

Interactive Map of the United Statesfind your state/capitals, identify the
states that border your own, predict the geographical features in each area, etc.

Virtual Field Trips: