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ABCya! - Reading and math interactive games.
BedtimeMath - Leveled stories that highlight math thinking.
BrainPOP - All students have access to this website through their Clever accounts. They can watch videos and take quizzes on all subject area content. 

DiscoveryEducation - Discovery Education is a searchable database with images and videos.
Epic!- Books in English and Spanish students can read or listen to on their devices. 
KhanAcademy - This website is excellent for kids and adults to learn about any content area topic and play games or take quizzes. 
Newsela- Students can read age-appropriate nonfiction and news related articles with audio and vocabulary support in class and at home!
Origo at Home- Math activities and instructions that can be completed at home

Prodigy Game - Students have log-ins to practice specifically targeted math skills at home.
SOLPass - This website is useful for reviewing 4th and 5th-grade science for the Science SOL. 
StudyJams - Excellent resource with videos, quizzes, and games to practice math and science online. 
Sumdog - S
tudents have logins to practice specific math skills at home.