Click here to find Ms. Varsalona's class page. On her page you will find this weeks' choice board, the links to the encore choice board, the link to the school counselor's lesson, and videos by all the third grade teachers about the content on the choice board. 

Here on my page you can click on this week's folder. If you cannot find this week's folder click the "2" at the bottom of the document box, which will bring you to the second page of materials. In that folder you will find the same third grade choice board that can be found on Ms. Varsalona's page as well as an "ESOL modified choice board" and lessons to help support the choice board. This ESOL modified choice board is for any student who may be struggling with a choice board activity. On the ESOL modified choice board we have provided supports for each of the activities, such as word banks, sentence starters, visuals, etc. Again, this ESOL modified choice board can be used by ANY student who needs the extra support, not just a student that I work with. In addition to the ESOL modified choice board I will also post videos created by ESOL teachers in this folder. These videos will cover the same materials that the normal third grade teachers' videos will cover. They will just explain them in a different way. Again, these videos are for any student who may need to hear a lesson again, in a different way or may just need some extra help. 

As always, I am here to help. So, please feel free to reach out to me at anytime with any questions or concerns. 
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