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Hello Yorkshire Families!

As families and students look for ways to continue the learning at home process we here at Yorkshire will be providing resources for your use. Although I usually support Kindergarten, Second and Third Grades many of these resources are good for K-6 levels. Please check back weekly for updates.  All of these activities are optional for families as they look for ways to support their children.  Student at home work time should not exceed the recommended 2-3 hour time frame.  This includes ALL teacher recommendations combined.

I hope you enjoy exploring some of these activities together with your child.


Math-At-Home Resources

Web-based instruction
Origo At Home
Origo is our new textbook that we have begun using this school year. . Origo has generously put this new resource out to be available to parents during the COVID-19 closures. When you click the link, choose United States, grade level, and week. You will then see the plan for each day of the week. It is not a full math block lesson, however, it will help keep your child thinking and using their math skills. All of this can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, including smartphones. 
You may use this video as a tutorial to see how to access it. 

DreamBox (K-5)- 
This is a program that your child is used to using at school. If you have access to the internet, this is the first place to go because the instruction and activities are tailored to what your child's needs are.

Math Activities and Games:

NEW ADDITION:  Check out these great images and puzzles!  Which One Doesn't Belong? You decide!

Fun ways to keep the learning going from The Math Coach's Corner blog!

Additional Educational Resources from PWCS

Questions to ask when helping yourchild with mathematics homework  Preguntas que le puede hacer a suhijo/a para ayudarle con sus tareasde matemáticas