We will be holding Zoom meetings twice a week. In order to best serve all families, and because I am lucky enough to be able to, we are able to spread our meetings out to offer diverse time.
Mondays: 3pm 

Thursdays: 10am 

If you need the password you can ask the kiddos what Mrs. Houston loves! Or shoot me a message. I cannot post it. 

a picture of Mrs. Houston

Mrs. Meagan Houston

My name is Meagan Houston and I live here in Manassas. I've lived here in Virginia for a little over a decade but I was born and raised in Rhode Island. As a result I love things from my hometown that I cannot get anywhere else. Things like hot wieners, Dell's frozen lemonade, and the New England Patriots. 

I have been teaching for about six years, I started with Junior Kindergarten, then Kindergarten, and this year I'm working in first grade! I love this age group, the kids are great and I am having a blast. 

I love to read and write and am working on a short story for preteens. I enjoy painting and LOVE taking pictures of things that are normally too small to notice. I also love my dog Shadow, a black lab, and enjoy taking him for hikes in the woods. 


   Don't forget! Students are eligible for free breakfast and lunch. The students can come down between 9am - 11am to get a grab bag.