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Mrs. McKenzie

Throughout the remainder of this year, I will be available the hours 9 - 4 at 

Looking for Home Learning ideas?

Please continue to use this web page to find useful links. Visit "Useful Links" for important websites and extra practice on curriculum taught throughout the year.

Every week I will place assignments here for  you to work on. Remember these are optional and are reviews of what we have covered over the year.


Activity 1
Log into Clever and read a non-fiction text through PebbleGo. User name and Password is same as at school..(don't forget the pwcs-edu.org)
What non-fiction text features did you find in the text?

Activity 2 
Read a favorite fiction story. Answer the 4 square- Character, setting, conflict, resolution.

Activity 3
Read for 20 minutes. Illustrate what you read about.

Activity 4
Read a favorite book at you have at home. What was the main idea of your book?  What is the problem in the story?

Activity 5
Read a book at https://www.storylineonline.net/ and listen to a story you haven't heard before. What character trait best describes the main character in your story? Why?


Activity 1
Write in a journal daily. Some story starters for you are:
-If I could be any animal, I would be...
-the best present I have ever received is...because...
-I was proud when I ...
-My favorite game to play is...because...
-One day, when I went to the park...

Activity 2
Write about how to do something. Ask someone at home to help with a chore, skill or help cook a meal. You can even write about how to play roblox or other games you might play.

Activity 3
Write about your opinion. "The best dessert is..." You should have 2-3 reasons supporting your opinion with details.


Use a piece of paper to help work out the math problems.

Activity 1
Number of the day 694
-Write a number that is larger than 694.
-Write a number that is less than 694.
Add 376.
-Subtract 482.
-Create a word problem using the number 694.

Activity 2
-Round 3879 to the nearest ten.
-Round 5479 to the nearest hundred.
-Round 2656 to the nearest thousand.
-A coffee shop sold 4192 cups of coffee in one month. What is that number rounded to the nearest hundred?
-Julie said that her house is about 300 feet tall. If she is rounding to the nearest hundred, which of the following could be the actual height?
            285       210      250     312     360     333         Write down all that could be correct.

Activity 3
Make a set of flashcards for 0, 1, and 2. Practice these facts everyday.

Activity 4
Complete the statement with the greater than, less than or equal to symbol.
1/3 ____ 1/6
Draw a picture to show the fraction 1/8.
Which fraction is equal to the whole number 1?   0/8     1/8     8/8     8/1