Physical Education

Hey everyone! We hope you are being active and enjoying the many activities that we send out every week.
while the last week of school looks different for us this year, we want you to join us for VIRTUAL FIELD DAY this week. Head over to the choice board and have fun with the field day activities! Remember, we would love to hear from you and or see pictures of you being active or playing a game with your families. If you want to reach out our email addresses are below. We look forward to hearing from you! We miss you all! 

Head on over to the encore choice board! Remember, the activities are all optional. 
Be active. Wash your hands. Take care of yourselves!


If you have any questions:
Email: Mr. M:
Ms. Dennis:
Twitter: EbonyD4PE

Yorkshire Virtual Field Day

Active Home

HPE 3-5 at Home Learning

K-2 HPE at Home Learning

Physical Activity Tracker

Below is a document that shows all of the PE standards that we covered throughout the year. 

K-5 Standards