Ms. Nguyen

Hello! My name is Ms. Nguyen. I am one of the English as a second language teachers. I will be working closely with a lot of the students this year, whether they are ESOL or not. I am 24 years old, and this is my second year of teaching at Yorkshire. I work with classes in second, third, fourth, and fifth grade. I am originally from a small town in New Hampshire, so I am a super fan of all New England’s sports teams. I am so excited to be working with and getting to know your child this school year. 

I attended Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia. There, I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in secondary education. And, I received my English as a second language teaching licensure for grades kindergarten through twelfth. While in college I also studied abroad in Yucatán, Mexico.

This year I am working with the teachers: Ms. Windsor, Ms. Varsalona, Ms. Bolen, Ms. Maher, Ms. Haysley, Ms. Paulson, Ms. Rusk, and Mrs. Cowan.

I would love to hear from you anytime about ANYTHING. I am here to help! Feel free to send me a message on class dojo or email me.

My office hours: 
Ms. Cowans' class: Mondays 10am-10:30am and 2:00pm-2:30pm
Ms. Paulson's class: Mondays 11am-11:30am and Fridays 11am-11:30am
Ms. Rusk's class: Mondays 12pm-1pm 
Ms. Bolen's class: Wednesdays 1pm-2pm
Ms. Varsalona's class: Thursdays 12:30pm-1:30pm
Ms. Windsor's class: Fridays 12pm-1pm 
Ms. Maher's class: Fridays 2pm-3pm
Ms. Haysley's class: Fridays 3pm-4pm


Updated for the week of 6/8-6/12

Wow, I cannot believe that the school year is over. I am so proud of all of  the hard work the students have done this year, and it was a privilege being able to work with them. They will do amazing next year.  And, I will miss them like crazy because I will not be returning to Yorkshire next year. I have accepted a teaching position in New Hampshire. However, I will always be here if my students  ever need me.  Thanks for a great school year!

Look for your grade level on the left.

For second, fourth and fifth grade: On your grade level page you will find the link for each grades' virtual learning page. On that virtual learning page you will find this week's choice board, mini lessons posted by the teacher to help you with the choice board activities and ESOL resources to help you with the choice board. 

For third grade: On your grade level page you will find the link to Ms. Varsalona's page. On her page you will see this week's choice board as well as mini lesson videos to help you with the activities. On MY page you will find the same choice board as well as some ESOL resources that can help you complete this week's choice board. 

 Be sure to check your classroom teacher's page for more resources, activities, and assignments!

The encore choice board can be found here

The school counseling page also posts weekly videos, which can be found here

Ms. Nguyen's Daily Schedule 


 8:45am-9:10am            Morning duty
                                  at car riders
 9:10am-9:30am            ELD time with
                                  Ms. Paulson's class
 9:30am-10:15am          Planning 
 10:15am-11:00am        ELD time with
                                 Ms. Varsalona's class
 11:00am-11:25am        ELD time with
                                 Ms. Paulson's class 
 11:25am-12:10pm         ELD time with
                                 Ms. Maher's class 
 12:10pm-12:40pm        Lunch
 12:40pm-1:20pm          ELD time with
                                Ms. Windsor's class
 1:20pm-2:10pm            ELD time with
                                Ms. Bolen's class
 2:10pm-3:05pm            Science with fifth grade 
                                    Day 1: Cowan
                                         Day 2: Rusk
                                         Day 3: Maher
                                         Day 4: Haysley
                                         Day 5: Rusk
                                         Day 6: Maher
 3:05pm-3:40pm            CORE
                                          Day 1: Haysley
                                          Day 2: Cowan
                                          Day 3: Haysley
                                          Day 4: Cowan
                                          Day 5: Haysley
                                          Day 6: Cowan

3:40pm-4:00pm             Afternoon duty
                                   in the lobby